Quantum Communications help the ISS (International Space Station) remain secure. Hello Quantum World!

Quantum Communications Help The Iss (International Space Station) Remain Secure. Hello Quantum World!

Recently a quantum encrypted message was send from the ISS, which read “Hello Quantum World”. The message was sent using Cambridge Quantum’s Quantum Origin by Axion Space. More secure Quantum keys lead to more secure messages. The system uses the quantum nature of matter to produce more unpredictable quantum keys.

Quantum Origin keys, seeded with verifiable quantum entropy, provide certainty that datasets derived from a range of activities, such as space manufacturing, experiments in microgravity biology or gene sequencing, are more secure. This is the first space use that we know of whereby Axiom sent a quantum encrypted message from the ISS, which read: “Hello Quantum World.”. Lets hope that aliens aren’t listening! The date of the event took place in mid 2021 and there will be future use when Axiom begins commercial flights this year.

Quantum randomness is fundamental to ensuring secure keys. The offering from Quantinuum / Cambridge Quantum is one of the only sources of verifiable quantum entropy and can support traditional protocols such as RSA or AES in addition to post-quantum cryptography algorithms.

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