Qiskit releases comprehensive textbook for all to learn basic quantum computing

Qiskit hosted a course this past summer, which saw over 4000 students from more than 100 countries registering to attend the same quantum computing courses taught to IBM Quantum interns. Now, Qiskit is planning to offer the same course to anyone who wants to get their feet wet in the world of quantum computing and quantum hardware.

One of the core beliefs the Qiskit team holds to is that anyone trained right can program a quantum computer. Because of this belief, the team wrote an open-source textbook that teaches readers how to use Qiskit in quantum computing. The training is both effective and thorough. A survey revealed that 92 percent of QGSS participants felt that the Qiskit Global Summer School exceeded or was equivalent to other quantum computing courses available.

The various lectures that will be available for all

The team will be releasing 27 lectures with notes and labs, around a semester’s load of content. The lectures will teach students the basics of programming a quantum computer, introduce famous algorithms such as Shor’s and Grover’s algorithm, and give an overview of how they built quantum bits and use them to represent data. There will even be an introduction to quantum chemistry included. Two prerequisites are a basic understanding of the Python language and linear algebra.

Qiskit believes that quantum computing should be accessible by all, and access to this knowledge should not be limited. They hope that students can teach themselves how to code with quantum computers as well as help and teach others. By doing so, the largest and easiest quantum community will come to fruition.

About Qiskit

Qiskit is an open-source software development kit that is used to program quantum computers, work with quantum experiments, and write quantum applications. It can be installed by anyone with a working computer and is easily available. The Qiskit community is very tight-knit and often very helpful in sharing information and teaching.