Pay As You go Quantum. Strangeworks and IBM introduce ‘Pay-As-You-Go Plan’ for Qiskit Runtime on IBM Cloud

Pay As You Go Quantum. Strangeworks And Ibm Introduce 'Pay-As-You-Go Plan' For Qiskit Runtime On Ibm Cloud

Strangeworks, one of the industry’s top provider of quantum services, is IBM’s first business partner to offer per-use pricing on IBM hardware. Starting off with the two 27-qubit quantum computers, previously exclusive to IBM Quantum Premium Plan clients. The collaboration will allow Strangeworks customers to work on their projects instead of managing the cloud, while also providing access to industry-leading quantum devices with the option to pay only for the resources they use.

IBM Quantum announced and launched a new pricing model for its broader ecosystem and developer community (Pay-As-You-Go Plan for Qiskit Runtime. Qiskit Runtime is IBM’s quantum computing service and programming methodology for creating, optimizing, and executing large-scale applications. With the partnership, Strangeworks customers can now use IBM’s quantum computers as backends with Strangeworks services that are supported by the IBM machines. This makes it easier for them to use the IBM machines with the Strangeworks services.

It also opens the door for Strangeworks’ ecosystem partners to build on top of the Qiskit Runtime API and use IBM Cloud’s user management, billing, and other ready-made tools.

We’ve always seen the consumption model as the winner in quantum computing pricing models. We are thrilled to support IBM’s commitment to this offering, and are excited at the potential of what this new model will open up to Strangeworks’ own ecosystem and community.

William Hurley, CEO of Strangeworks

The Qiskit Runtime offers two primitives that optimize the way code is transmitted to the quantum computer: Sampler and Estimator. By sampling quantum circuits, the Sampler generates quasi-probabilities, while the Estimator estimates the expected values of quantum operators.

Strangeworks aims to become an IBM Embedded Solutions Partner for IBM Cloud access with pay-as-you-go billing for 27-qubit quantum computers.

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