Pasqal, a French Start-Up company Teams Up with NVIDIA to build Quantum Computing Center of Excellence

PASQAL, a tech company founded in 2019, known for its Programmable Atomic Quantum Simulators, collaborates with NVIDIA in building a Quantum Computing Center of Excellence featuring a cluster of 10 NVIDIA DGX A100 with NVIDIA InfiniBandthe world’s most advanced accelerator system incorporated with a compelling superspeed network. Pasqal announced the collaboration during a Press Release in Paris.

PASQAL is a tech company that uses Neutral Atoms in 2D and 3D arrays for Quantum devices. They are also a current member of the NVIDIA Inception program, a free program designed by NVIDIA to help start-ups evolve quickly through access to NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology and specialists. While also providing a strong network of investors, creating opportunities and connections. 

The Quantum Computing Center of Excellence will feature a cluster of 10 NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, the world’s first AI system built on the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, a system that provides highly unprecedented acceleration. The system is also equipped with NVIDIA’s InfiniBand Networking, a fully off loadable, in-Network Computing platform that enables unrivalled performance in various technologies such as high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and hyper-scale cloud infrastructures.

We are truly excited about this collaboration with NVIDIA. Our Quantum Computing Center of Excellence will enrich our emulation capabilities and is also part of our commitment to offer end users the best possible tools across the entire value chain.

Loïc Henriet, CTO of Pasqal.

Pasqal aims to bring a practical quantum advantage to its customers on real-world problems, especially quantum simulation and optimization. The cluster will add technological capacity as well as provide an advantage to its emulation system.

Furthermore, Pasqal aims to improve the development operations by increasing speed on quantum circuit simulations using state vector and tensor network approaches by orders of magnitude. Thus, the company will be making use of the NVIDIA cuQuantum software development kit, a collection of libraries and tools for quantum computing workflows.

Quantum computing is helping researchers simulate complex phenomena for scientific discovery and address problems including optimization, drug discovery and machine learning. PASQAL’s Quantum Computing Center of Excellence, featuring NVIDIA DGX systems, will enable the simulation of tens of atomic qubits in 2D and 3D arrays to develop tools that will foster the development of industrial applications and can help advance scientific discovery.

Christophe Legrand, head of France Enterprise Computing at NVIDIA.

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