New Quantum Operating System from Riverlane publicly released

Riverlane the Cambridge based Quantum company has been steadily working on a Quantum Operating system. In May they achieved funding of a £7.6m grant to build a Quantum Operating system and September showed the first “Hello World” moment. Now there is the public release of Deltaflow.OS.

The latest Riverlane milestone is the public release of the first version of Deltaflow.OS; ‘Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ’. The new product release has been built to enable quantum hardware companies as well as quantum algorithm and application developers to speed-up their research by making collaboration simpler and reduce down-time in labs. This version uses simulated hardware and ARTIQ (ARTIQ is a control system which is widely used in the trapped-ion community) as a backend.

We are proud to keep Cambridge at the forefront of the computing industry. With our operating system, Deltaflow.OS, we are building the quantum computing stack from the bottom up. Our aim is to open the quantum computing ecosystem for the whole community to thrive.

Leonie Mueck, Chief Product Officer RIVERLANE

The release of Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ marks a significant step towards Riverlane’s mission to build a quantum operating system that is high performance, portable across all qubit technologies and scalable to millions of qubits.


The vision behind Riverlane is to build an operating system that makes quantum software portable across qubit technologies. A technology that is scalable to millions of qubits; and, can garner the highest possible performance out of every qubit. Deltaflow-on-ARTIQ is our first step towards achieving this vision.

Riverlane builds ground-breaking software to unleash the power of quantum computers

Find more about the developments from Riverlane and DeltaFlow.OS from the website.