New Quantum Computing Operating system wins backing of UK government

In the quest for usable Quantum Computers, a consortium of UK based Quantum Computing developers has been awarded almost eight million pounds (£7.6M or $9.3M) from the British governments Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund.

The aim of the project is create a universal quantum OS or operating system that will work of a variety of different hardware platforms. The OS is named Deltaflow.OS and the intention is to install on every quantum computer in the UK.

The consortium was led by Riverlane and included SeeQC, Hitachi Europe, Universal Quantum, Duality Quantum Photonics, Oxford Ionics, ARM, Oxford Quantum Circuits and includes the NPL (National Physical Laboratory).

We are delighted to have been awarded this grant to build and install the quantum operating system Deltaflow.OS on all leading hardware platforms in the UK. Together with consortium partners, we have a unique opportunity to accelerate the commercialisation of the UK quantum technology sector and overtake global competitors in this space.”

Dr Steve Brierley, CEO of Riverlane
Deltaflow.OS. The new operating system for Quantum Computers which has recently won the support of the UK’s government.