Horizon Quantum Computing builds its first-ever office outside of Singapore

Quantum Singapore

Horizon Quantum Computing, established in 2018 by Irishman, Joe Fitzsimons, is a Singapore-based company known for designing software development tools that will allow quantum computing hardware to reach its full potential has announced the building of its new office located in Ireland.

Horizon Quantum Computing‘s expansion is part of the company’s strategy to utilize the region’s talented quantum computing and software engineering capabilities. It intends to capitalize on the talent pool and serve customers in Europe, one of the world’s most important marketplaces for quantum computing.

The opening of the office paves the way for the hiring of over ten new employees over the next six months, which is currently underway. The organization is looking for product managers as well as a director of engineering who will establish and lead a new software engineering team.

Horizon Quantum Computing also intends to collaborate with local universities to offer internships.

“We are excited to set up our European office in Ireland, a country with a substantial pool of technical talent. Our growth highlights the strength of the quantum computing ecosystem at a time when major tech players are struggling. We’re looking forward to calling Dublin our second home and rolling out further recruitment to boost worldwide operations.”

Joe Fitzsimons, CEO of Horizon Quantum Computing

The company is committed to fostering mutual connections and collaborations between Singapore and Ireland and has recently become a Foundation sponsor of the Irish Chamber of Commerce Singapore, with Dr. Fitzsimons joining the Chamber’s board.