Honeywell’s System H1 Quantum Computer now available on the cloud

Honeywell has generated a lot of Quantum news of late with its continued announcements of ever increasingly more powerful Quantum computers. Honeywell continues to make headlines with its progress towards bringing Quantum Computing to the masses.

Now Honeywell has announced that the H1 generation of computer features Honeywell’s differentiated quantum charge-coupled device (QCCD) trapped-ion technology is directly accessible to enterprises via a cloud application programming interface (API), as well as through Microsoft Azure Quantum.

Honeywell’s aggressive quantum computing roadmap reflects our commitment to achieving commercial scale for our quantum business. Our subscription-based model provides enterprise customers with access to Honeywell’s most advanced system available

Tony Uttley, President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions

As we see Quantum Computers develop in terms of power (often described in terms of Quantum Volume) likely end users will only see more capabilities and nothing more than name changes. The family name that Honeywell has chosen is the H1, H2 etc generational names. Honeywell already has plans for H2, H3 systems.

Access Honeywell via the cloud

Very few organizations have ever purchased Quantum Computers for in-house development. Boeing and Google have purchased D-wave’s computers but for just about all users the room sized machines will only be accessible via the cloud. Just as IBM released IBM Q (Quantum Experience) more than four years ago, Honeywell will allow users access via the cloud.

Many organizations are already working with Quantum Computing technologies. Honeywell has revealed the companies already working with it such as Merck, JPMorgan Chase and DHL. Of course there are many other smaller ‘players’ who are exploring how Quantum Computing may impact their business.

Honeywell's Model HX generational roadmap from H1 to H5.
Honeywell’s Model HX generational roadmap from H1 to H5.

Quantum Eco-system continue to grow

We continually see the quantum eco-system growing and evolving. It should be no surprise that there are other services that have emerged that are providing value in the eco-system. Honeywell is ensuring that their systems can be used with Microsoft Azure Quantum and tools from Cambridge Quantum Computing and Zapata (Orquestra) are enabling quantum workflows to be executed on Honeywell systems.

See the press release from Honeywell here.