Cybertrust Japan now includes Quantum Origin Quantum-Computing-Hardened Private Keys to the IoT Authentication Platform.

Quantum Japan

Quantinuum, an integrated quantum computing company that focuses on creating scalable and commercial quantum solutions to the world’s most challenging problems, has revealed the integration of its Quantum Origin quantum-computing-hardened private keys into a new certificate issuance and distribution platform for IoT devices by Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd., Japan’s leading certificate authority.

The NIST-selected post-quantum cryptography (PQC) methods are included in Cybertrust Japan’s new authentication infrastructure for high-speed, high-volume certificate creation and distribution for many IoT devices. By adopting Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin solution, the only cryptographic solution that utilizes the power of quantum computers to generate quantum-computing-hardened keys, the certificate authority will further secure devices from existing and emerging threats.

“Integrating Quantum Origin assures our customers that they can build innovative IoT-based solutions on a platform they can trust to deliver speed and higher security, including post-quantum algorithms support. As a result, customers and partners can use and sell our certification services securely for the long term.

We would like to promote activities aimed at realizing a safe and secure society together with Quantinuum.”

Yasutoshi Magara, President & CEO of Cybertrust Japan

Why the need to authenticate?

To verify that they are trusted devices, IoT devices often utilize certificates to authenticate their connection to other devices or networks. The complexity of providing and administering credentials across these devices stems from the large number of devices attempting to connect to networks and the need to give quick access to data. Security measures must be strong while also allowing for real-time communication.

“Cybertrust Japan and Quantinuum have shown that an advanced quantum-computing-based solution like Quantum Origin can be seamlessly integrated into authentication infrastructure to strengthen key and certificate generation. Cybertrust Japan is the first certification provider in the world to support quantum-computing-hardened keys using Quantum Origin.

As the use of IoT devices grows, companies must ensure that their devices have state-of-the-art protection against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks that threaten their most valuable assets and data. Quantum Origin is the world’s only solution that provides encryption keys generated by quantum computers giving customers an unrivalled ability to strengthen existing security measures and reduce their risk of exposure from advanced encryption-based attacks.”

Duncan Jones, Head of Cybersecurity at Quantinuum

Cybertrust Japan’s Secure IoT Platform safeguards end devices across the product lifecycle, from semiconductor design through device implementation to device disposal. To protect the hardware, make the manufacturing process traceable, and give a long-term defect warranty, the Secure IoT Platform generates security certificates for the manufacturing process.

In addition to safeguarding the data created and communicated by the devices, the system features a management platform for the devices that allow the secure OS and software updates.

Who is Cybertrust Japan?

Using MIRACLE LINUX kernel technology and open source software (OSS) experience, Cybertrust Japan provides authentication and security services and Linux/OSS services for on-premise, cloud, and embedded domains. The company offers services that support the reliability of client services by establishing the accuracy of “people, tangible things, and intangible things” for IoT and other cutting-edge industries by combining these technologies and deep security experience.

Cybertrust Japan is the first commercial certificate authority dedicated to establishing a safe and secure society through highly specialized and neutral IT infrastructure technology.