CQC + IBM = QRNG. Cambridge Quantum Computing and IBM launch cloud Quantum Random Number Generator

One of the applications of Quantum technology and perhaps one of the earliest use cases is the Quantum Random Number Generator which could be instrumental in keeping our security systems secure. The new application delivered on IBM Q services will enable true random numbers.

“Randomness is an essential and ubiquitous raw material in almost all digital interactions and is used in cybersecurity to encrypt data and communications and perform simulation analysis across many industries”

Ilyas Khan, CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing

The cloud based service will enable customers to use random numbers with maximal entropy (as random as they can be). Unpredictable random numbers are key to communications protocols but it is also used in simulations with a lot at stake. Not having very random numbers can mean that during sampling or simulating, the full sample space is not explored. Certifiable quantum randomness will provide a new opportunity for advantage in relevant enterprise and government applications.

Working with IBM, CQC have attained two quantum computing milestones. The first one in computation and the other in the cloud delivery of a service that can lead to real-world useful applications that range from classical and post-quantum cryptography to Monte Carlo simulations.