Zapata opens its software service: Quantum Operating Environment

The software landscape is opening up in the Quantum Computing world. Zapata has announced that it is opening its Orquestra service for users. The aim of Orquestra is to be agnostic across the entire software and hardware stack and that means it can work with a number of tools and variety of computing hardware.

Recently there was an investment into Zapata and strategic partnership with Honeywell to use the Honeywell’s trapped-ion quantum devices, where the aim that Zapata focuses on quantum software platform innovation. Zapata is working with both Google and IBM. Zapata has around 50 customers it is working with currently to provide knowledge and training of its systems.

Zapata opens its early access program for interested parties to explore the Orquestra toolset.

“I am thrilled Zapata is the first to market with a unified Quantum Operating Environment where users can build, run and analyze quantum and quantum-inspired workflows. This toolset will empower enterprises and institutions to make their quantum mark on the world, enabling them to develop quantum capabilities and foundational IP today while shoring up for derivative IP for tomorrow,”

CEO Christopher Savoie ZAPATA

Zapata has numerous partnerships with companies that include: Amazon, Google, Honeywell, IBM, Microsoft, Rigetti. Zapata is backed by numerous well known funds and companies Prelude Ventures, Comcast Ventures, The Engine, Pillar VC, BASF Venture Capital, Pitango Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital and now Honeywell Ventures.