Universal Quantum receives this year’s IOP’s (Institute of Physics) Business Start-Up Award

Iop Awards

Universal Quantum has been recognized by the prestigious Institute of Physics Business Start-up Award for its efforts in constructing the world’s first million-qubit quantum computer. The first-of-its-kind design for a scalable quantum computer includes silicon-based electronic modules linked by ultrafast electric field linkages to construct a fully scalable architecture.

The Institute of Physics (IOP) is the professional body and academic society for physics in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the premier body for practising physicists. It is committed to working with ‘physics-based’ firms, as well as companies that apply and employ physics and physicists. It has a long history of promoting company innovation and growth. The IOP awards “excellent business idea based on a physics invention, with the potential for corporate growth and considerable societal benefit.”

“To do anything useful for society with quantum computers, these machines need to get much bigger. We have been focused on scalability from day one and our original blueprint for a fully integrated, modular trapped-ion quantum computer addresses the many challenges to achieve this. “Our machine has already achieved record-breaking connections between modules, operates at a temperature where lots of cooling power is available to enable scaling to large qubit numbers, and uses electronic gate technology with a handful of globally applied microwave fields required instead of complex laser technology. We’re delighted to receive this award. Our technology and team are both scaling fast and this recognition from the IOP will undoubtedly help us fuel this growth and realize our ambition to build the world’s first million-qubit quantum computer.”

Professor Winfried Hensinger, CO-FOUNDER AND CHIEF SCIENTIST

The prestigious Business Awards of the IOP are unique in the UK and Ireland in recognizing the significant contribution that physicists and physicists make to the industry.

There are three award categories: Business Innovation, Business Start-Up, and the Lee Lucas Award (for the medical and healthcare sector), so businesses at any stage of development, from start-ups to multinational corporations, are eligible. The IOP Business Start-Up Award recognizes and celebrates young companies that have a great business idea based on a physics invention and have the potential for significant societal impact.

“The IOP Business Awards recognise and reward the achievements of physics-based businesses at all stages and of all sizes. Whether well-established or a start-up, an SME or corporation, these innovative companies are making significant contributions to the UK and Ireland’s scientific research and development, driving innovation and supporting the economy. All of this year’s winners have creatively applied physics to bring about positive change to individuals, societies or economies, by tackling a new problem or improving on a previous solution, and all are thoroughly deserving of an IOP Business Award.”

“Recent events have underlined the absolute necessity to encourage and reward our scientists. We rely on their dedication and innovation for our lifestyles, well-being and safety.”


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