Tensorflow for Quantum hits first Birthday

Tensorflow For Quantum Hits First Birthday

The enormously popular machine learning frame work: TensorFlow that was adapted for the Quantum domain reaches its first birthday mile stone. The framework from Google/Alphabet has made machine learning and deep learning possible at scale and the software that is created from TF (TensorFlow) gets wrapped up into numerous projects and tools. Roughly one year ago back in March 2020 (how the world was so different), TensorFlow got a Quantum flavour.

Five University of Waterloo students teamed up with Google to develop software to accelerate machine learning using quantum science and the result of that was the creation of an open-source hybrid quantum-classical machine learning software platform, called TensorFlow Quantum.

TensorFlow Quantum takes the best of Google’s Quantum Computing language named Cirq and of course TensorFlow. The aim is to allow development and testing of hybrid quantum-classical machine learning models. You can learn more about the project from the dedicated TFQ website.