SandboxAQ To Hold A Webinar Tagged “Are Your Cybersecurity Systems Quantum-Resistant?” 

Sandboxaq To Hold A Webinar Tagged &Quot;Are Your Cybersecurity Systems Quantum-Resistant?&Quot; 

SandboxAQ, a SaaS company providing quantum and AI solutions, has announced a live webinar on Are your cybersecurity systems quantum-resistant? The event is slated for Today, September 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm EST. They’ll host Dr. Justin Moody and Bill Newhouse of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Sue Gordon, former Principal Deputy Director for National Intelligence of the US, and Jen Sovada, the President of the Public Sector at SandboxAQ. 

Public-key encryption is a highly secure encryption that most industries, including finance and communication, adopt. Still, they’re susceptible to quantum threats. The present quantum computers may be years behind in bridging public-key encryption, but error- corrected quantum computers, when they become available, can crack public-key cybersecurity systems. Hackers are already storing large quantities of encrypted data for future decryption and exploitation. 

Federal IT networks are complex, and the quantum assessment process may take years to complete. Organizations must therefore migrate to quantum-safe cybersecurity speedily as a critical step in securing their businesses. 

SandboxAQ’s webinar will teach participants how to prepare their cybersecurity systems ahead of the quantum revolution. Follow this link to register for the event.