QunaSys Announces IBM Investment

Qunasys Announces Ibm Investment

QunaSys, a company specializing in developing algorithms and application engines for quantum computers, has announced an investment from IBM Ventures. The funds will further develop quantum computing application services and user-friendly software in chemical simulation and material research development.

As a member of the IBM Quantum Network, QunaSys has had a longstanding relationship with IBM, including research collaborations, joint-publication, and beta-testing of the Qiskit Runtime service. The investment from IBM Ventures is an important step for QunaSys as it seeks to expand and strengthen its position in the quantum computing industry.

QunaSys’ Contributions to Quantum Computing in Chemistry

QunaSys has been at the forefront of researching practical applications for quantum computing in chemistry, having published 37 papers and expanded the range of industrial applications for quantum computers. The company has also developed Qamuy, a software as a service tool, that enables access to the power of quantum computers without requiring expertise in quantum algorithms.

QunaSys’ Plans for the Future

With the investment from IBM Ventures, QunaSys aims to accelerate the development of algorithms and services that leverage IBM Quantum technology, and better serve industry and academia striving to be quantum-ready. Tennin Yan, CEO of QunaSys, said, “The future practical use of quantum computing will require close collaboration of hardware and software. Therefore, this investment will enable us to accelerate our research and development efforts and bring us closer to achieving practical applications of quantum computing.”

QunaSys’ Commitment to Expanding the Quantum Ecosystem

As a company committed to expanding the quantum ecosystem and driving innovation in the field of computational chemistry, QunaSys is dedicated to creating quantum algorithms for innovative uses in quantum devices and delivering them to researchers and industry leaders. With the investment from IBM Ventures, the company is well-positioned to achieve its objectives and make significant contributions to maximizing the power of quantum computing.

About QunaSys and QPARC

QunaSys specializes in developing algorithms and application engines for quantum computers, proposing new uses and algorithms for quantum computers and creating software to utilize these algorithms in material development and other areas. In July 2020, QunaSys launched QPARC, a community for exploring the applications of quantum computers, and has collaborated with more than 50 leading companies to identify potential use cases for practical applications.