QuiX announces largest quantum photonic processor in the world

On December 11, photonic quantum technology company QuiX introduced the world’s largest universal quantum photonic processor to the public. The device is compatible with all photon sources available, is commercially available as well, and most importantly, is plug-and-play. A product presentation on December 11 unveiled the product for all to see.

In order to revolutionise quantum computing, especially in how information is processed, QuiX has developed its new photonic quantum processor, made to be the heart of an optical quantum machine.

QuiX’s processor is built to be used in any machine

The processor has a series of channels built to allow quantum photons to flow. When two channels intersect, quantum interface happens. Through adjustment of the quantum states fed into the system and the intersection between channels, the processor can be programmed to solve problems. The more channels present, the more photons can flow into the system for extra processing power. QuiX’s new processor has more channels than previous examples, and this makes the unveiling a significant technological milestone.

While this processor is not yet suited for industrial applications, it is the largest of its kind in the world. With this as a starting point we will rapidly increase the capacity of our processors towards real world applications. We are confident that we have by no means exhausted the technological limitations of our platform.

Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO of QuiX

The QuiX quantum processor was developed using the company’s proprietary TriPlex platform, built upon the University of Twente’s research and Lionix International’s industrial expertise. In recent years, particular this fourth quarter of 2020, optical and photonics-based quantum computing has seen a surge of interest and milestones. Many companies are racing to develop the next milestone as each day goes by. QuiX has an advantage in this quantum computing niche due to its ties with the University of Twente’s photonics cluster and its deep industry experience.

About QuiX

Based in The Netherlands, QuiX is a quantum photonics company that aspires to bring the quantum future closer to the present. The company intends to do this by offering its plug-and-play light-based quantum processor to revolutionise quantum computing. Two of QuiX’s major investors are FORWARD.one and OostNL.