QuEra Launches Aquila On Amazon Braket

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QuEra Computing Inc., a US-based quantum computing company, has announced that Aquila, its neutral-atom quantum computer is now available on Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket customers can now explore new approaches to complex problems in high-energy physics, optimization, material sciences, and other areas.

Neutral-atom quantum computers provide a clear path to increasing computing power. Their architecture is powerful, practical, and programmable, with the ability to manipulate hundreds of qubits. Their intricate architecture makes some computations easier to accomplish than other approaches.

Because neutral atoms can retain quantum behavior for a whole second or more, a neutral atom technique provides stability. This is critical for general quantum computing, but it also allows for forming quantum memory, a usually ignored yet critical component of scalable quantum structures.

Furthermore, neutral atoms do not repel one other. Hence, thousands of atoms may be packed within a millimeter. As a result, the system has a high degree of programmability while being basic in its engineering, with lots of flexibility for scaling up qubit count and control.

For now, Aquila provides customers with 256 qubits, but there are plans to grow to far larger quantities. System size, coherence, and a unique analog quantum processing mode that offers additional degrees of freedom are all featured in the design of Aquila. 

Aquila has the additional advantage of flexible reconfiguration of its qubit positioning, similar to creating a new chip architecture for every operation. It is also supplemented by Bloqade, an open-source software program that helps with this new form of expressing problems. Aquila is the first neutral-atom machine that is publicly available. 

“This is a proud day for our entire team and an important milestone on our journey to build scalable, high-performance quantum computers,” “Aquila is now live on Amazon Braket, and provides a powerful and unique platform that advances state of the art in quantum computation. We look forward to seeing how users worldwide will utilize this amazing new research and industrial applications platform.”

Alexander Keesling, CEO of QuEra Computing.

Aquila’s analog operation is a new approach to quantum computing that opens up new opportunities for delivering economically meaningful answers to challenging problems sooner.

Amazon Braket

Amazon Braket is a service that provides a centralized access point to several quantum computing technologies. It helps researchers and developers develop quantum and hybrid algorithms, test them on quantum circuit simulators, run them on quantum computers, and develop proof-of-concept applications.

The Amazon Braket notebooks come pre-loaded with sample algorithms and the Amazon Braket SDK, which allows users to design, test and execute algorithms on fully-managed quantum circuit simulators and execute them on quantum computers by modifying a single line of code.

Users can access D-Wave’s quantum annealer and gate-based quantum computers from IonQ, OQC, Xanadu, and Rigetti.