Quantum talks at London’s CogX festival 2021

Sadly the event is going to take place as a hybrid event – but all is not lost due to covid 19. Amongst the usually great line-ups and talks we have seen that there will be a few Quantum related talks, which we at QZ are looking forward to.

As Quantum becomes more mainstream, we are seeing greater mention of Quantum at conferences and festivals. CogX is no different and is one of the foremost technology events of the UK calendar with a host of invited speakers amongst the movers and shakers of science, technology and industry. So it’s no surprise that Quantum is now firmly on the list. We take a brief glimpse at some of the proposed titles for the upcoming event which takes place on the 14th to 16th of June 2021.

The line-up of noted speakers (just a few):

  • Kate Crawford, Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research & Co-founder, AI Now
  • Tony Fadell Future Shape Principal, iPod inventor, iPhone co-inventor, Nest founder
  • Herman Narula Co-Founder and CEO Improbable
  • Max Tegmark Professor at Institute for AI & Fundamental Interactions Center for Brains, Minds and Machines Department of Physics MIT
  • Dr. Werner Vogels CTO Amazon
  • Yoni Assia Co-founding CEO eToro
  • Euan Blair Founder & CEO Multiverse
  • Toby Coppel Co-founder and Partner Mosaic Ventures

Quantum Events at 2021 CogX London

Measuring our future: why quantum sensing is set to change everything. Quantum computers get a lot of hype, but what about quantum sensors? From perfecting underwater navigation and sharpening earthquake warning systems to Star-Trek-like portable scanners that monitor brain activity, this session explores an incredible new way of measuring the world around us and how it could reshape industries everywhere.

…and more at the CogX event 2021