Quantum Finance Company QuantFi joins Crédit Agricole Paris start-up accelerator

QuantFi, one of our recent Quantum Start-ups of the day has been accepted to join the CAP (Crédit Agricole Paris) start-up accelerator in based in Paris. The company joins five others but is the only Quantum based deep-tech company in the programme.

The start-ups were chosen from a panel from noted companies including: PSA, Naval Group, Crédit Agricole Assurances, SAP and Microsoft.

CA is the is the world’s largest cooperative financial institution. With a 100Bn net worth.

About QuantFi

Founded by an INSEAD MBA: Paul Hiriart was previously involved in quantitative finance. The Team has spun out from there and comprises numerous researchers (often Postdocs and Postgrads from) from high calibre research establishments and has links to UCL, Sorbonne and Keio University. It has already attracted numerous researchers from across the globe, some in France, Japan and the UK.