Qiskit Summer School gets more people learning Quantum Programming

The popular quantum programming language named Qiskit is likely to have a lot more users after the 2020 Qiskit summer school, which aims to teach students and anyone for that matter the basics of quantum computing and how to use the programming language to build circuits to execute quantum algorithms.

The first of its Qiskit series, the summer school is a two week virtual summer school designed to empower the next generation of quantum developers and scientists with the knowledge to explore quantum applications on their own.

Qiskit is an open source quantum programming language with a growing following in both academic and commercial application and is backed by IBM. The project is backed by IBM.

The curriculum covers quantum computing preliminaries before focusing on two key areas: superconducting devices and quantum chemistry applications.

The Qiskit Global Summer School is based on premium training provided to IBM Quantum interns. We are incredibly excited to make this educational opportunity open to a broad audience. The Qiskit Global Summer School will be thorough, with a team of quantum computing experts on hand with extensive teaching experience walk through the basics to applications.

Each day of the Qiskit Global Summer School comprises three hours of lectures followed by an hour-long hands-on programming lab where actual circuit implementation of quantum programs in Qiskit is shown.

To see more about the programme go here.

Qiskit Summer School 2020 day 4 looking at Shor's Algorithm.
Qiskit Summer School 2020 day 4 looking at Shor’s Algorithm.