New Quantum book inspired by Dungeons and Dragons: “Dungeons and Qubits” helps readers learn Quantum Computing and Qiskit

We love initiatives to help people learn quantum computing and quantum computing coding. The latest initiative from Brian Siegelwax is a very different beast from the standard Quantum Computing textbook. The book originated from a conversation Brian had with a colleague about how to create a new Quantum Computing book that wasn’t a total yawn.

“Dungeons & Qubits” started as a much-appreciated suggestion from a colleague with whom I was collaborating on new algorithms. But, the market doesn’t need yet another introductory QC book, so I thought about how to differentiate my book from the growing crowd. Consequently, readers can expect a thoroughly unique book on quantum algorithm design

Brian Siegelwax
View and Download the Book Free Here!
View and Download the Book: “Dungeons and Qubits” Free Here!

The readers follow a chronological journey, in the style of a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, through the thought processes behind the designs of well-received quantum algorithms. Breaking with literary tradition, the story has four main parts. The first part is a short summary of my journey through the original IBMQ tutorials. The second part covers the time period between completing the tutorials and designing algorithms with positive feedback. Then the third part is about designing algorithms that attracted collaborations with postdoctoral researchers and others. Finally, the fourth part is about those collaborations. The theme of adventure serves two purposes. First, I decided that for me to spend so much time writing a book, I needed to have fun with it. And, second, QC is way too interesting for any book about it to be boring. Part of the allure of QC is that it really is an adventure; we really don’t know what the future holds.

The book uses the popular Quantum Language Qiskit, which has a large following – being open source but supported by IBM. That means that code can be run on the actual IBM machines that run in the cloud meaning readers can get up to speed very quickly and test out ideas and code snippets from the book. Brian is based in the Philippines after being stationed in Asia with the US army.

The book is free to download and we have hosted it here for readers to enjoy!