New Leadership for National Quantum Computing Centre

New Leadership For National Quantum Computing Centre

The United Kingdom has pledged to spend £1 billion in Quantum Technologies over ten years as as part of UK’s National Quantum Technologies Programme. The aim is to cement the UK at the forefront of the Quantum Computing industry and bring together academia and commercial ventures.

“The UK has long been a world leader in quantum computing science”

Professor Simon Benjamin

The new team includes:

  • Dr Michael Cuthbert appointed as Director of the centre formerly of Oxford Instruments.
  • Ash Vadgama as Deputy Director for Operations formerly of AWE plc.
  • Prof. Simon Benjamin as Deputy Director for Research (Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Oxford).
  • Dr Simon Plant as Deputy Director for Innovation (Innovation Lead for Quantum Technologies at Innovate UK).

“I am honoured and hugely excited to lead the establishment of the National Quantum Computing Centre, which will bring together a wealth of talent and experience from across the UK”

“Quantum computing has the potential to be both a disruptive and transformative technology. In the creation of the NQCC, UKRI continues to demonstrate its ambition not only to nurture great science and develop leading edge technologies in the UK but also to ensure that economic impact is realised in the UK. The NQCC will be at the heart of this endeavour.”

Dr Michael Cuthbert, Business Development Director

There are plenty of commercial ventures taking advantage of the UK’s friendly Research and Development environment. There are many companies that we have listed with profiles. But here are some highlighted UK based companies that we have been hearing a lot from:

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