Masters in Quantum Computing Technologies from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Quantum education is important and it is clear that becoming quantum literate is going to be somewhat akin to digital literacy. No surprise that companies and universities are investing in the nascent field with courses and programmes. The latest comes from Spain, where there is graduate Masters program in Quantum Computing Technologies.

Quantum Computing and it’s allied technologies could power the next Industrial Revolution – courses such as that from UPM (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) enable learners to gain critical knowledge of the theory and practical applications of Quantum Computing

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid created its online Master in Quantum Computing Technologies to be focused o the practical elements of Quantum Computing. The University collaborates with Accenture as a technology partner. The master’s programme is designed for Graduates in Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and Telecommunications and Industrial Engineering on the main.

Ever since its foundation, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has pushed for technological development as a driver of social development. The launch of its Master in Quantum Computing Technologies exemplifies the UPM’s leading role in the most advanced technologies, specifically revolutionary quantum technologies, where it rubs elbows with the very best in the world.

José M. Atienza Vice-Chancellor of UPM

The sixty credit module will take you from the basics of Linear Algebra, Introduction to Operators and Postulates of Quantum Mechanics right the way through to a final thesis that a research and/or development project which addresses a problem of interest to the scientific community or to companies engaged in the development of Quantum Computing Technologies.

Since the beginning of its doctoral program, ETS de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos has been committed to Quantum Computing not only in research but also in teaching. The first doctoral thesis on this topic won the extraordinary doctorate award from the University and there are currently more students developing their thesis in this area. The proposal for this Master by the head of the School of Research in Quantum Computing reinforces our leadership in these innovative technologies.

Agustín Yagüe

Find out more about the Quantum Masters Course here. The programme will be delivered totally online which means you can earn credits for learning Quantum whilst being at home. One of the benefits of a programme like at UPM is the interaction with the staff throughout the course which makes learning fun but also a little more interactive and personable.