Join Quantum Computing companies exploring the Julia Language at JuliaCon 2021

It is no secret that we like the Julia language. We think it has some of the great benefits of languages such as python but with features like linear algebra built-in. Julia is also a fast language to run code and easy to learn. We have in the past written articles on Julia such as Could Julia replace Python and be transformational in Quantum Computing? and Learning the Julia programming language for free. The latest JuliaCon 2021 has been announced for those wanting to take part virtually.

Julia because of its inherent speed and ability to cope with the mathematical formalisms in Quantum Computing is proving a useful tool to the likes of Quantum Companies such as QuEra, Zapata, Intel and many more. Of course, Julia is not just useful for Quantum Computers but a variety of use-cases.

Take a look at Julia 2021.