IonQ Expands Global Reach to United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Quantum Research Center.

Ionq Expands Global Reach: Latest Partnership With United Arab Emirates (Uae) Quantum Research Center Signals Company'S Ongoing Commitment To Advancing Quantum Computing Worldwide.

IonQ Inc, founded in 2015 by Dr Christopher Monroe and Dr Jungsang Kim, has partnered with Abu Dhabi’s Quantum Research Center (QRC-TII) to provide access to its Aria quantum computer. This collaboration will enable QRC-TII to test and execute quantum algorithms, furthering their efforts to develop better quantum algorithms on commercially available quantum systems. It is expected to help accelerate the development of quantum computing in the economy of the United Arab Emirates and bring new advancements in its quantum industry field.

The UAE government has invested heavily in the development of quantum computing in recent years, and QRC-TII consists of leading scientists, researchers, and engineers focused on advancing this technology.

IonQ Aria is run by 25 algorithmic qubits, it is considered as the most useful quantum computer and is already available in IonQ cloud and other several clouds such as Amazon Braket, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as through direct API access.

The agreement with IonQ is a significant step in the institute’s goal of developing and optimizing novel quantum algorithms and improving quantum device characterization and error mitigation techniques.

We are pleased to provide the Technology Innovation Institute with access to what we believe is the world’s most powerful, commercially available quantum computer, as they look to develop quantum algorithms to tackle today’s most complex problems. Interest in quantum computing has grown throughout the region these last few years, and IonQ is proud to be recognized as a leading driver of quantum hardware innovation and accessibility”

Peter Chapman, CEO & President of IonQ.

Access to IonQ Aria will provide QRC-TII developers the opportunity to test and optimize novel quantum-enhanced algorithms for computational challenges. These complex problems range from heuristic variational quantum circuits for optimization problems, to prototype implementations of rigorous quantum algorithms for matrix arithmetics and quantum simulation. Additionally, users can more easily explore quantum device characterization and error mitigation techniques, potentially leading to more accurate algorithms.”

Prof. José Ignacio Latorre, Chief Researcher, QRC-TII.

IonQ’s recent partnership with the Quantum Research Center at Technology Innovation Institute (QRC-TII) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is part of its ongoing efforts to expand its global reach. This agreement follows a series of international developments for IonQ recently, including the acquisition of Canadian-based startup Entangled Networks in January of this year.

The company’s efforts to expand its global footprint and collaborate with leading institutions such as QRC-TII in the UAE signify IonQ’s commitment to advancing the field of quantum computing on a global scale.

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