India joins Quantum Computing race

We’ve not heard much from India regarding quantum computing and there are no quantum computing start-ups in comparison to a few in china as well as research pushes from Chinese universities. India appears to have been languishing until now.

India plans to invest over $1.1bn USD in the next five years, dedicated to the Mission on Quantum Technology. Just as the world is waking up the potentials of Quantum Computing, India have decided to get in on the race. Just as we have seen companies such as Google Announce Quantum supremacy in late 2019.

The emerging tech trend looks set to increase as other countries wake up to the need to exploit Quantum Computing to stay in the game. To compete, the Indian Department of Science & Technology (DST) has set up a programme called Quantum-Enabled Science & Technology (QuEST).

Expect India’s large tech and software companies to get on board with Quantum Computing, such as Infosys.

“This is new. We will not have something next quarter or in the near term. But we are working on it,”

Salil Parekh (CEO of INFOSYS)

We have seen similar announcement from the UK with their push to commercialise quantum technologies with their £153 million Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund funding, along with £205 million from industry, will support commercialisation of quantum technologies in the United Kingdom.

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