India Achieves Major Milestone with Operational Quantum Computing-Based Telecom Network Link.

India Achieves Major Milestone With Operational Quantum Computing-Based Telecom Network Link.

The Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Ashwini Vaishnaw, announced that India’s first inaugural quantum computing-based telecommunications network link is now available, connecting Sanchar Bhawan and the National Informatics Centre office in the CGO Complex of the capital city in New Delhi.

The announcement occurred in a modest exhibition of quantum computing firms and extended an invitation to conduct pilot projects for communications networks and the Indian Railways.

India continues progressing with its strong foundation in science and technology, with many leading institutions and universities offering research and education programs in quantum technology. The country has already established partnerships with international organizations, including the European Union and the United States, to facilitate collaboration.

“We are also launching a hackathon, a challenging round, for anybody who breaks this system and system developed by C-DoT, we will be giving Rs 10 lakh per break.”

Ashwini Vaishnaw, Honorable Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications

India builds its Quantum Ecosystem.

Quantum technology is a rapidly growing field, and India is actively investing in this area to drive its technological growth and competitiveness. In 2020, the Indian government announced the launch of a National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications, with a budget of INR 8,000 crore (over US$1.1 billion) over five years.

This mission aims to create a hub for research and development in quantum computing, communication, and cryptography. It also seeks to establish India as a significant player in the global quantum industry, providing opportunities for startups, researchers, and entrepreneurs to contribute to this rapidly developing field.

The Indian government has launched initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the quantum industry, including the Quantum Technology Innovation Hub and the Quantum Entrepreneurship Program. These programs offer funding, mentorship, and resources to support startups and entrepreneurs in developing quantum technology-based products and services.

Overall, India’s investment in quantum technology reflects its commitment to innovation and technological advancement, with the potential to drive economic growth and competitiveness in the global market.

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