Cambridge Quantum Computing appoints new Chief Scientist: Prof. Bob Coecke.

Coecke was previously a Senior Scientific Advisor to CQC (Cambridge Quantum Computing) with a focus on developing and building a leading Quantum Natural Language Processing (QNLP). Prof Bob Coecke has been specialising in QNLP for a number of years and is currently at Oxford University where he as tenure in the Computer science department.

Coecke is originally a theoretical physicist, and is well known for his work on ZX Calculus and making quantum more visually inspiring with not only his presentations (which are often done in his music studio) but also the way that pictorial representing can be used to illustrate quantum circuits and make them more efficient.

After more than two decades of shaping the foundational tools for quantum computing, I am excited to be joining CQC and seeing those tools become part of the ‘real world’, now that quantum computers start to scale and become more relevant. Many of the aspirations and hopes that we have nurtured, for example when we developed ZX-calculus

Prof. Bob Coecke

The appointment will cement CQC as one of the leaders in the growing Quantum Computing industry and certainly help to put the UK on the map when in comes to talent. CQC is one of the well funded Quantum Computing start-up to emerge in the UK. The company aims to use quantum technology to build smart tools that can be applied in the NLP space.

Bob Giving in a talk in his music studio, office, lab.