Accenture and IonQ collaborate to drive Quantum Computing adoption

Tech companies Accenture and IonQ are planning collaboration in the hopes of accelerating the exploration of quantum computers in businesses across the world. Accenture’s experience, coupled with skills in quantum computing, will be used alongside IonQ’s mastery of quantum computing technology, to help prepare more companies to become quantum ready.

The research and implementation of quantum computing across multiple industries have grown rapidly. This is mainly due to the predicted high business value and competitive edge that quantum computing will offer. Quantum computing has the incredible potential to revolutionize the way companies solve problems across multiple industries. 

Senior managing director and Technology Innovation lead at Accenture had this to say, “Quantum computing will create unprecedented opportunities, and we want Accenture clients to be ready to seize them. Whether in life sciences, energy distribution and storage, or logistics, quantum computing offers new and compelling ways to solve key business problems and generate new insights. IonQ’s systems can play a critical role in support of a company’s quantum journey, and we want to help our clients experiment with quantum and understand how it could potentially impact their business, as well as their broader industry.”

IonQ, the leader in quantum computing, currently operates the only quantum computer available via the cloud on several different platforms including, AWS’ Amazon Bracket, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This 11-qubit system is one of the most powerful quantum computers in the world. IonQ hopes to develop quantum computers small enough to be networked together in the next few years, which could help pave the way for much broader expansion by 2025. 

IonQ CEO and chairman Peter Chapman had this to say on the matter, “The quantum computing revolution will reshape industries from top to bottom, and businesses must prepare for it now. Accenture has a proven track record of implementing next-generation technologies and is deeply committed to delivering on the promise of quantum. We could not ask for a better partner to help us accelerate a quantum future that will change the world.”

Any organization seeking to better understand what quantum computing can offer them in the future, and how best to prepare themselves, can learn more by reading Accenture’s “Get Ready for the Quantum Impact”