The Chatterjee Group (TCG) Advances Quantum Computing in India with the Commencement of Building a Superconducting Quantum Computer.

The Chatterjee Group (Tcg) Advances Quantum Computing In India With The Commencement Of Building A Superconducting Quantum Computer.

A research institute overseen by The Chatterjee Group (TCG) has announced plans to construct a quantum computer, signifying a notable advancement in fundamental research and practical application within the realm of quantum computing in India. This superconducting quantum computer will facilitate cutting-edge research and development within the field and educate Indian scientists in the domain of quantum computing.

The hardware will be installed at TCG Crest in Sector V, Salt Lake, Calcutta, India, with the first phase of construction expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The TCG Crest quantum computer will feature a dilution refrigerator imported from Finland, which operates at just 0.01 degrees Celsius above absolute zero, providing the optimal conditions for quantum computing.

Bhanu Pratap Das, the Director of the Centre for Quantum Engineering Research & Education under TCG Crest, has stated that the complex task of setting up the superconductivity qubits-based quantum computer will now commence in collaboration with the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai. The initial qubit will be obtained from TIFR, with further qubit development carried out by TCG Crest.

“We have been receiving funding from the central government which allows CQuERE to use two quantum computers in North America,”

Bhupendra Nath Dev, professor at CQuERE

Collaboration Agreements and Funding Initiatives Drive Quantum Computing Research at TCG Crest

The Centre for Quantum Engineering Research & Education (CQuERE) has collaborated with Qilimanjaro, a Barcelona-based start-up, to establish a unique quantum annealer computer in Barcelona that simulates molecular properties.

A European Commission grant will fund the project and will provide support for a CQuERE Ph.D. student. Furthermore, CQuERE is currently in talks with the USA and Japan, where it is expected to contribute significantly to research in quantum computing.

The recent announcement of the National Quantum Mission 2024-31 by the Centre has earmarked a funding allocation of Rs 6,000 crore, which will be concentrated on four main areas: quantum computing, quantum sensing and metrology, quantum communication, and quantum materials and devices. These developments at TCG Crest have occurred in close succession to the announcement of the National Quantum Mission.

 “Research at CQuERE covers most of the areas that will be pursued in NQM”

Bhanu Pratap Das, director, Centre for Quantum Engineering Research & Education under TCG Crest

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