Quantum Machines introduces Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) version 2.0

Quantum Machines Introduces Quantum Orchestration Platform (Qop) Version 2.0

Quantum Machines, an Israel-based quantum computing firm, and a provider of advanced quantum control solutions, has launched its newest version of the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP), the leading scalable cloud-ready system for managing and operating quantum computers, and enhancing your quantum control capabilities.

Launching version 2.0 of QOP adds cutting-edge features that enhance fidelity, even more, enable easier setups, and provide even more flexibility for the most sophisticated quantum experiments. You can also use the user-friendly open-source programming language QUA to run even the most sophisticated quantum algorithms immediately.

QOP version 2.0 combines flow control, real-time classical processing, parametric pulse programming, and ultra-fast analogue feedback. Among the key highlights integrated into the new version are – the Strict Timing for Sequences with Zero Gaps, the Crosstalk Matrix and Improved Digital Filters, the Advanced Chirping, the Input Stream for Fast Data Transfer During Runtime, the High-Resolution Time Tagging and the Shareable Ports.