Quantum Machines To Lead The Establishment Of Israel’s Quantum Computing Center

Quantum Machines To Lead The Establishment Of Israel’s Quantum Computing Center

Quantum Machines, an Israel-based quantum computing firm, and a provider of advanced quantum control solutions, have announced its selection by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to spearhead the establishment of the Israel Quantum Computing Center. Quantum machines and a consortium of top Israeli companies at the forefront of quantum computing internationally will lead the center’s formation. Israel’s first fully operational quantum computer will be housed at the center, a component of the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI).

Governments of advanced countries are gaining more interest in quantum technology. The UK government invested £270m to set up the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme in 2013, the US launched a $1.2 billion national effort in 2018, and China allegedly committed $10 billion to its national quantum program. The 1.25B NIS initiative, established in 2018, will fund the development of Israel’s first quantum computer. These moves affirm that governments see the development of domestic quantum capabilities as a strategic national interest.

“We look forward to working with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to lead the development of the country’s first fully functioning quantum computing center.” “The open architecture approach that Quantum Machines and our world-leading partners in the consortium enable, will ensure compatibility with the quantum technologies of the future.”

Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines

This approach will guarantee that the quantum computer stays at the forefront as quantum technology develops. Additionally, the quantum computer will incorporate High-Performance Computing (HPC) integration and serve as a testbed for innovative quantum technologies.

Quantum Machines will lead top Israeli companies to establish Israel’s Quantum computing center. Members of the consortium include Elbit Systems, ORCA Computing, Classiq, and Super.tech, QuantWare, etc. Each company will provide its quantum software or hardware, as the case may be.

Quantum Machines envision a new technological age. A time when quantum computing revolutionizes entire industries, solves global problems, and drives unprecedented innovation. They made it their mission to build the Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP): the platform to realize the full potential of quantum computing technologies at any scale and deliver the most advanced quantum capabilities to quantum system developers.