Quantum Computing and the Automotive Industry

Quantum Computing And The Automotive Industry

Two very hot fields right now. Combine recent accelerated trends in the automotive sector caused by Covid-19, self driving, electrification and couple that to Quantum Computing. McKinsey the management consultants have written an article on how Quantum Computing is impacting not only cars but the whole industry from manufacture to efficient routing of vehicles.

In the recent article the authors look at hybrid quantum systems, they talk about the opportunities ranging from enhancing supply, warehousing, distribution, manufacture, dealerships, repair and service providers. There are a few very interesting illustrations which depict what companies are working on. For example we see that for example BMW is using Quantum computing to build and design better batteries.

Whilst Quantum Computing might be 5-10 years away, it hasn’t stopped companies and car makers look at opportunities with Quantum Computing. Sadly Ford doesn’t look to be covered here on this report, as Ford has been interested in navigation potential. Companies such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and Bosch are all involved with exploring a variety of possible use cases, everything from Vehicle routing and route optimization all the way to manufacturing and predictive maintenance. Of course for the self driving fans, sadly no company that we know of is employing quantum computing to assist with the dream of self driving – yet! But watch this space.

Quantum Computing And The Automotive Industry
Quantum Computing and the Automotive Industry 3

To read more about cars and quantum from McKinsey see the report.