Patent for Quantum Random Number Generator has been approved by China

Patent For Quantum Random Number Generator Has Been Approved By China

The National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC (CNIPA) of China has finally granted the patent for the ownership of quantum random number generation that targets the highly valued Financial Services, Blockchain Applications, Cloud-Based IT Security Infrastructure, Classified Government Networks and Communication Systems, Secure Device Keying (IOT, Automotive, Consumer Electronics) and Quantum Cryptography.

In line with QeM’s mission on meeting the rising demand for low-cost hardware security for connected devices. The patented approach for a Quantum Random Number Generator based on quantum tunneling takes advantage of quantum mechanics’ inherent unpredictability to provide increased security for high-value assets and critical systems.

Considering the resources that China is investing in developing quantum technologies and the leadership it enjoys in quantum communications, we are really thrilled to have been granted this patent by the CNIPA. China is a key player in the cybersecurity space and its addition as a country that recognizes the uniqueness of our claim, constitutes a crucial business milestone and significant step towards global recognition of our foundational intellectual property. As we are entering 2022 with a clear plan to execute, this is also an important event for our shareholders, our partners and future clients.

Francis Bellido, QeM’s CEO

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