ORCA Computing raises almost £3m seed funding in boost for British Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers could become more mainstream then previously thought possible. New investment into QC takes off with ORCA computing raising £2.9m in their seed round to develop photonic based Quantum Computers.

“Light contained within optical fibers is also an excellent carrier of quantum information but so-far several challenges have prevented optical fiber playing a role in the quantum computing revolution. ORCA’s novel proprietary quantum memory technology changes that and for the first-time allows quantum computers to be built using telecommunications components.”

Richard Murray, CEO and co-founder of ORCA Computing

The investment into the UK based companies in London was led by Atmos Ventures with commitment from Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI) and Quantonation. They also received grants from Innovate UK. The investment marks the beginning of the journey for the UK to build a realizable photonic (using light) quantum computer. Hot on the success of Xanadu which also has raised a significant amount for its photonic Quantum Computing development. Likely more funding will follow as a Series A after certain milestones which include the effort to deliver a device that can supply high quality photons.

“ORCA has a novel approach to solving the scalability and connectivity challenges that the quantum computing hardware community is currently facing”

Hadi Solh, Managing Partner at Atmos

About ORCA Computing

Founded in 2019 by Richard Murray, Cristina Escoda, Josh Nunn and Ian Walmsley, ORCA Computing are building a first scalable, modular & flexible quantum computing platform using photonics at its heart.