OpenAI intends to develop AI Systems capable of understanding programming and is hiring massively hiring coders worldwide

Robot Coders And Ai

OpenAI, the firm behind the chatbot ChatGPT, has increased its employment worldwide, bringing on around 1,000 remote contractors in places such as Latin America and Eastern Europe during the last six months. The massive hiring done by OpenAI is intended to build a pool of armies that will help address and minimize the gap between AI systems and programming languages.

Approximately 60% of the contractors hired were primarily assigned to handle “data tagging,” which involves producing enormous sets of photos, audio clips, and other material that will later be used to train and guide artificial intelligence systems or driverless vehicles. At the same time, the remaining 40% of the skill force are computer programmers tasked to generate data for OpenAI’s models that will be used in learning software engineering tasks. OpenAI’s existing Codex product, launched in August 2021, is programmed to convert natural language into code.

Thus, OpenAI primarily aims to make AI systems understand the language of programming.

“A well-established company, which is determined to provide world-class AI technology to make the world a better and more efficient place, is looking for a Python Developer,”

A reading on OpenAI job listing

Previously, OpenAI trained its models using code scraped from GitHub, a repository site controlled by its most significant backer, Microsoft, which confirmed last week a multibillion-dollar funding round originally reported by Semafor. In this case, though, OpenAI appears to be creating a dataset that includes not only lines of code but also human explanations written in natural language.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, recently estimated the company’s headcount at 375 workers, a pittance compared to the thousands of employees working on artificial intelligence at digital behemoths like Google and Facebook.

OpenAI’s Codex technology is already powering a ” Copilot ” tool in Microsoft’s GitHub, which essentially autocompletes lines of code for coders. Based on the efforts of OpenAI’s contract programmers, Copilot is on its way to becoming more like an autopilot, removing some of the rote labor involved in creating code and, eventually, eliminating some coding positions.

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