Microsoft Partners With AkzoNobel to Explore The Potentials of Quantum Computers in Paint Formulation

In a bid to produce more sustainable products that are environmentally friendly, a new collaboration between Microsoft and AkzoNobel will explore how quantum computing and Azure services can accelerate the development of more sustainable paints. The two companies announced a partnership to explore the potential of transformation in paint formulation, leveraging Azure cloud services and Microsoft’s Quantum Machines.

” I’m incredibly excited for the results that will come of bringing together our two companies’ prioritization of sustainability in the realm of novel chemistry solutions. The promise of quantum and other Azure services to accelerate solving chemistry and materials problems while managing associated workloads is immense.”

Dr. Matthias Troyer, technician at Microsoft’s Azure quantum program

The companies will team up to develop a cloud-based laboratory environment and simulation platform designed to reduce the time it takes to develop new paint products. The collaboration aims to push the boundaries of the current capabilities of simulation technology in the field of chemistry and paint formulations. And also explore if the use of quantum computing could lead to breakthrough performance improvements in this area.

The technology director in research and development at AkzoNobel, Pim Keockhoven, also describes the team merge as a step toward the digitalization of their study.

“Combining our track record for pioneering product development with Microsoft’s cloud and quantum computing expertise could lead to another huge step forward in the digitization of our research. Expanding our existing engagement with Azure to include quantum exploration in chemistry and materials has the potential to be truly groundbreaking.”

Pim Keockhoven – technology director in research and development at AkzoNobel

With simulations, the constraints of traditional laboratory methods and conditions is reduced to almost zero. Simulations will permit the team to analyze more potential chemistry combinations and expand knowledge boundaries to develop more sustainable paints and coatings.

Currently, the scale of the Azure algorithm is utilized, but with quantum Computing, work can be faster and more accurate. This teamwork with AkzoNobel is an effort by Microsoft to create solutions for chemical and natural science companies and groups.

AkzoNobel is a forerunner in chemistry applications and sustainability. They provide high-performance, innovative paint, and coating products to more than 150 countries. This merge with Microsoft offers an excellent opportunity to speed the development of Novel paint materials and features with an avid focus on sustainability. It brings about better products and a better environment.