PureVPN and Quantinuum Collaborate for a Quantum Secured Internet

Purevpn And Quantinuum Collaborate For A Quantum Secured Internet

As cyber security continues to be a concern for both individuals and businesses, PureVPN, one of the world’s leading VPN service providers, has announced plans to bring the power of quantum-resistant encryption keys to the masses.

PureVPN has always been about finding smart, innovative ways to protect its users’ online security. But with more and more hackers and cyber-criminals using supercomputers and quantum computers to gain access to online accounts, user and data security has become a major concern.

Quantum computers will be able to crack the encryption keys currently used in VPNs and other security systems, rendering them useless. Many worry that this will make it much more difficult to protect online privacy. In response to this, PureVPN announced that it is moving boldly into a quantum-resistant future. In partnership with Quantinuum, PureVPN attempts to secure its users against data threats and offers more security and privacy in a post-quantum era.

PureVPNs partnership with Quantinuum, the world’s biggest quantum computing company, serves as the first part of its efforts to achieve quantum resistance capability. With Quantum Origin (Quantinuum’s cyber platform), PureVPN has created and deployed encryption keys using quantum processes. These keys are more secure than keys from unverified and classical techniques.

While Quantum computers can break traditional encryption methods, PureVPN’s quantum-resistant technologies bring a solution with encryption keys as only a part of the puzzle. Asides from the quantum-resistant encryption keys, pure VPN is developing a plan to transition into quantum-resistant algorithms. These algorithms are currently pending approval by NIST (National Institute of Standard Technology). The transition will be the next evolutionary step in its quantum cyber security journey.

The Need For Quantum Supremacy in Cybersecurity

The advent of quantum computing poses a threat to the security of all encryption algorithms that are currently in use. The potential ability of a quantum computer to perform certain calculations much more quickly could, for example, enable attackers to break many popular public-key encryption algorithms. 

“Encryption keys are fundamental to securing sensitive data. Using encryption keys generated from a verifiable quantum source enhances security above what is available today. It takes risks off the table at a time where the cyber threat has never been higher.” 

Duncan Jones, head of cyber security at Quantinuum

A quantum computer can quickly solve calculations that will take a classical computer a lifetime in hours. This capability shows how great the Quantum era looks. Therefore, it becomes essential to develop new cryptographic systems that can resist quantum computing attacks. Thus, quantum-resistant algorithms will be necessary in future when quantum computers become available. PureVPN is actively researching and developing post-quantum cryptography standards in order to be prepared for that time.

Locations Where These Features Are Available

The quantum-resistant feature will be initiated along with split tunnelling and obfuscation features in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands. It will run on Mac, iOS, and Android apps.

PureVPN offers a great combination of speed, security, and compatibility. With the added feature., users will enjoy security, privacy, and anonymity against illegal device surveillance.

The Way Forward in Cybersecurity

With each advancement in quantum computing, the risk of the Q-day(when quantum computers will break the internet) becomes higher. A study has shown that 89% of cyber security experts believe the current encryptions will be compromised in 2026.

“As one of the leading VPN service providers, we take the security of our users too seriously to rely just on mere speculation on when, not if, quantum technology will advance or completely destroy privacy. When quantum computers raise the stakes between codemakers and codebreakers, we want to be on the right side of history, or in this case, the future,”

Uzair Gadit, CEO PureVPN.

Advancements like VPNs help secure the digital space for now, but the need for higher security is needed and fast. Hence PureVPN’s latest innovation of Quantum resistant encryption keys.

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