M Squared unveils Quantum Computing breakthrough in the UK’s first neutral atom quantum computer prototype

M Squared Unveils Quantum Computing Breakthrough In The Uk'S First Neutral Atom Quantum Computer Prototype

M Squared company, based in Glasglow, unveils the Maxwell system at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase. It is the UK’s first commercial neutral atom quantum computer prototype, representing a UK milestone in advancing commercially usable quantum technology.

The National Quantum Technologies Showcase showcases technological advances made possible by the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, a £1 billion collaboration between industry, academia, and government.

Quantum computers are said to replace conventional binary systems rapidly by processing qubits, the fundamental unit of quantum information. The combination of qubits and their superposition features allows them to process data far quicker than the logic gates found on today’s semiconductors and microchips.

While pharmaceuticals, aerospace, transportation, and finance are expected to benefit the most, the technology is expected to help accelerate the discovery of new drug treatments, improve the efficiency of global supply chains, and reduce traffic congestion in towns and cities.

Due to its capabilities, Maxwell is perfect for solving the challenging optimization issues that quantum computing is expected to solve. Through the EPSRC Prosperity Partnership, which involves creating neutral atom system hardware and related algorithm advancements, M Squared and the University of Strathclyde collaborated to build the system’s fundamental neutral atom system architecture.

Quantum computation is not simply a faster implementation of conventional computing, but a fundamentally new and more powerful way of processing information – one that will enable myriad of new applications. The collaborative efforts to realise the potential of quantum computing illustrate Britain’s unique strength in bringing together industry and academia – building on advancements at the frontier of science, out of the laboratory to create real-world applications for the betterment of society.

Dr Graeme Malcolm, founder and chief executive of M Squared

It was created by combining M Squared’s advanced laser systems and quantum system integration with Strathclyde’s Rydberg atom and quantum algorithm knowledge.

Industrial-grade photonics hardware supports the platform and uses potent lasers to cool atoms allowing them to be precisely manipulated, maximizing qubit fidelity and scalability.

Neutral atom approaches to quantum information processing offer unique advantages towards scalable and flexible computing platforms. The unrivalled performance of M Squared’s underpinning technology is a great platform for pushing the limits of these devices in our lab.

Dr Jonathan Pritchard, project lead and a reader in the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Physics

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