Cohere To Make Natural Language Processing Available For Businesses With $40 Million Raise with AI leader Geoffrey Hinton

Venture capital firm Index Ventures and others including Section 32 and AI-focused Radical Ventures have raised $40 million for Cohere who provide pioneering natural language processing (NLP) models. The project involves Turing Award winner Geoffrey Hinton and AI experts Pieter Abbeel, Fei-Fei Li among others. Joining the board of Cohere is Mike Volpi from Index Ventures, tasked with expanding the team and fast-tracking the development of the platform.

“At Cohere, we want to simplify the relationship between people and machines, eliminating the language barrier that prevents us from interacting with technology the way we interact with each other, paving the way for new opportunities for innovation and creativity.”

Aiden Gomez

Cohere develops machines that understand the world and make them safely accessible to all using NLP models and API. Their API has input from hundreds of millions of web pages and is capable of comprehending, comparing, and composing natural language to the level of understanding sentiment and tone. This allows companies to access leading AI models without supercomputing infrastructure or AI expertise. Cohere was established by researchers and from Google Brain as well as the founder of Cortex, developing incorporating AI technology named Transformers into their NLP models. Aiden Gomez is Cohere’s co-founder and CEO was on the authorship of the innovative publication “Attention is All You Need”, which introduced the Transformer architecture.

Cohere has also created an external Responsibility Council with the mission to ensure the safe and monitored application of their NLP models as the highest priority. Cohere is a Canadian company based in Toronto and provides its services globally.

“Cohere’s deep technical expertise makes them the perfect team to bring NLP to the global marketplace. We look forward to working with Cohere as they democratize access to one of the most important technologies of our time.”

Mike Volpi