Atos introduces new supercomputer that allows classical and Quantum computing

Atos has finally unveiled that their most efficient and powerful hybrid exascale-class supercomputer platform called BullSequana XH3000, built and developed in Angers, France will be available this 2022. It is designed and equipped with unrivalled flexibility, that will be a tool to help top scientists and researchers to accelerate research in areas such as weather forecasting and climate change, new medicine discovery, genomics, and more.

High-performance computing has made enormous contributions to science, engineering and the quality of human life and is a cornerstone of innovation and scientific progress. 

As the leading European HPC vendor, Atos is well positioned to continue advancing research and innovation with its new supercomputer, and to bring exascale class systems to its customers. With its new BullSequana XH3000 supercomputer, hybrid computing ecosystem integrating AI and quantum, and its strong roadmap for exascale, Atos demonstrates a clear, comprehensive vision of the future of scientific simulation, while taking into account the importance of decarbonization.

Earl Joseph, CEO at Hyperion Research, HPC industry analyst group

Atos is a global pioneer in the field of digital transformation, decarbonisation services, and products. The company is dedicated to providing its clients with a secure and decarbonised digital experience. It plays a critical role in addressing sovereignty concerns, ensuring that important HPC knowledge and skills are cultivated and retained in Europe. Governments, public entities, and private enterprises are currently making sovereignty their top priority in order to fully exploit their data while keeping their ability to secure it in any case. With the BullSequana XH3000 and its expertise in sovereign cloud and cybersecurity, Atos is dedicated to giving its customers more control over the data they generate and trade.

The BullSequana XH3000 is one of the most energy-efficient supercomputers on the market, all thanks to its eco-design and architecture, patented Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) solution – which provides over 50% more cooling power than previous generations – and fully eco-compliant product lifecycle, which includes everything from raw material sourcing and manufacturing to testing and transportation, as well as disposal and recycling.

By combining CPUs, GPUs, AI, and even quantum computing hardware in traditional scientific simulation workflows, the BullSequana XH3000 will be able to deliver unprecedented computing power – up to a 6x increase in computing power previous versions – at any scale, up to an exascale-class system.

Supercomputing plays a pivotal role in driving innovations for business, society, and the global economy as a whole and is also key to scientific and economic sovereignty in the 21st century.

We are extremely proud of our role as a leader in HPC and of our new BullSequana supercomputer, revealed today, which results from 15 years of R&D efforts and brings together Atos’ proven expertise and experience in high-performance computing, AI, quantum, security and digital decarbonization. It will no doubt enable, through the gateway of exascale, some of the key scientific and industrial innovation breakthroughs of the future.

Rodolphe Belmer, CEO of Atos

The BullSequana XH3000 incorporates the most cutting-edge technologies, networks, and interconnect, and is powered by the latest CPU and GPU processor and accelerator architectures from AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and, finally, the European microprocessor from SiPearl, for improved power capacity and performance, allowing for larger scale, faster, and more efficient scientific simulations.

Because of its OpenSequana architecture, it is entirely interoperable with any future computer blade and connectivity technologies, allowing customers to scale up as needed. The BullSequana XH3000 assures that data is powerfully safeguarded using a security-by-design strategy that integrates vulnerability monitoring and attacks anticipation.

Atos is a SE (Societas Europaea) that is traded on Euronext Paris and is a component of the CAC 40 ESG and Next 20 Paris Stock indices. Atos’ mission is to assist in the design of the information space’s future. Its skills and services contribute to the growth of scientific and technological excellence by supporting the development of knowledge, education, and research in a multicultural context. The Group enables its customers, employees, and members of society at large to live, work, and develop sustainably in a safe and secure information space all over the world.

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