Arqit Quantum Inc.’s recent Technological innovations and Partnerships

Quantum Security

Arqit Quantum Inc., the creator of QuantumCloud and a global leader in quantum encryption technology, has disclosed its financial and operational highlights from the recently ended fiscal year (September 30, 2022). The company has generated a total of $20 Million worth of revenue and other operating income. The company’s technological innovation is expected to impact future results significantly.

Among its recently highlighted operational advancements are the following:

Arqit’s QuantumCloud tech stack no longer requires a satellite infrastructure through its unique technical innovations surpassing the relevant quantum processes of creating and distributing random numbers in software form. GCHQ Accredited Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security at the University of Surrey and PA Consulting independently verified the security proof of QuantumCloud. This proved that Arqit’s software provides encryption keys that are zero-trust and provably secure at a mass market scale.

Furthermore, Arqit’s symmetric key agreement technology has been chosen as a component of a potential technology solution for two US companies; signed later than expected, the revenue will be accounted for in the current fiscal year. Arqit has also launched the first phase of a fully equipped ”tamper-proof” digital asset strategy focused on securing digital trade finance through the signed agreement with Traxpay GmBH, a market leader in supply chain finance.

Arqit has also unveiled several key channel partner arrangements, expected to accelerate and fuel its growth through yearly recurring revenues.

Firstly, Arqit’s QuantumCloud has integrated its software with the Fortinet Fortigate series of Next Generation Fire Walls, providing customers with unbreakable quantum-safe encrypted communication. Secondly, Arqit partners with Amazon Web Services Partner Network by integrating QuantumCloud with Amazon S3; this allows AWS customers to protect their data against attacks and potential quantum threat.

Third, the collaboration of Arqit’s QuantumCloud software on selected Dell hardware devices enables Dell sales teams to sell the combined hardware and software as a single SKU to address existing and new customer needs. Fourth is the general availability of the Asia Pacific region’s first quantum-safe symmetric critical agreement software brought by the partnership of Arqit and Sovereign Cloud Australia Pty Ltd (“AUCloud”).

“In its first full year of commercial operation, Arqit has independently validated that its software
is unique in delivering zero trust and quantum-safe encryption at large scale and with great
ease of implementation and, as a result, has secured a pathway to success by onboarding a
number of major technology channel partners,”
“Through innovation and a better understanding of how customers want to consume our products, our go-to-market strategy is maturing, and we are able to enter the scaled execution phase with confidence.

David Williams, Arqit Founder, Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer.

Arqit offers a special Platform-as-a-Service for quantum safe encryption that protects communications links and data at the rest of any networked device or cloud machine from present and future types of attack, including those from a quantum computer.

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