Tired of Alice and Bob? Understanding quantum computing the easy way

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Is there a better way to learn the intricacies of quantum computing rather than examples involving Alice and Bob? In getting to grips with the fundamentals of the Quantum world is important to really understand the mechanisms behind the operation. Open any textbook on Quantum Computing and you’ll see Alice & Bob examples used to illustrated examples. We are not saying it’s all over for Alice and Bob, only that there are other ways to learn about Quantum Computing that might be more amenable.

But there is another way than ploughing through boring textbooks on quantum computing? Here are some suggestions that can help you learn the field in an exciting way.

Introductory Video Series from Microsoft (Microsoft Quantum Impact Video Series)

This non-technical introduction to quantum computing is super slick and well made. Its been created by MS who have an active involvement in Quantum Computing research. The series consists of:

  • Quantum Impact: Series Trailer
  • Introducing Quantum Impact (Ep. 0)
  • Quantum Impact: Computing a more sustainable future (Ep. 1)
  • Quantum Impact: Teaching the next generation of quantum (Ep. 2)
  • Quantum Impact: Bringing the power of quantum to chemistry (Ep. 3)

Go to the Microsoft Quantum Impact Playlist ➡ Microsoft’s Quantum Impact Video Series here

Interactive Learning and Game-play from Brilliant

Brilliant (QZ gets commission for purchases) helps you see concepts visually and interact with them, and asks questions that get you to think. Their courses show you that math, science, and computer science are and quantum computing concepts – at their core – a way of thinking.

Brilliant has an amazing introductory course on Quantum computing which uses the latest in learning technologies and innovation to help you better understand Quantum Computing.

A subscription to Brilliant is one of the best gifts we think you can give anyone. There is a whole dedicated program on quantum computing created by experts from Microsoft and Google (Alphabet). We are addicted to the service. Learning doesn’t stop at just Quantum, there is everything from Neural networks to statistics. Don’t let math be a barrier – get learning with Brilliant. 💡 Learn Quantum Computing the Easy way (QZ gets commission for purchases).

Learn to build quantum algorithms from the ground up with a quantum computer-simulated in your browser. ➡ Learn Quantum Computing (QZ gets commission for purchases)

Microsoft is involved in creating the Quantum Computing Course from Brilliant.
Google’s parent company Alphabet is also involved in producing the content of the Quantum Computing course.
Brilliant’s custom Quantum Computing course is dedicated to helping teach the fundamentals of Quantum Computing

Online Quantum Courses from EdX

These quantum courses sit somewhere between a more formal course and that from Brilliant. You’ll need to watch the content videos and answer questions. If you follow the course and complete a certain percentage of questions correctly you’ll get a certificate of completion which could be great evidence to show a prospective employer or just your parents.

Quantum 101 Programme

From Quantum Hardware and the qubit (Quantum Bit) to Grover’s algorithm. Start your journey into the Quantum world here with the course content coming from Delft TU. Comprises two courses: Hardware, Architecture.


➡ Go Quantum 101 Programme.

The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers

Discover quantum computers and the quantum internet. Learn the principles and promises behind these developments and how they will impact our future.

Free / $50

Find out more

The Hardware of a Quantum Computer

Learn how a quantum computer could be physically build, and how it could be controlled.

Free / $79

Quantum Hardware Course

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum computers are becoming available, which begs the question: what are we going to use them for? Machine learning is a good candidate. In this course we will introduce several quantum machine learning algorithms and implement them in Python.

Free / $49

Explore QML

Quantum Cryptography

Learn how quantum communication provides security that is guaranteed by the laws of nature.  In this course, you will learn how to use quantum effects, such as quantum entanglement and uncertainty, to implement cryptographic tasks.

Free / $50

Quantum Cryptography Course

Architecture, Algorithms, and Protocols of a Quantum Computer and Quantum Internet

Learn the basics of quantum algorithms, quantum error-correction, micro-architectures, compilers, and programming languages for quantum processors, and protocols for the quantum internet.

Free / $79

Explore Quantum Algorithms, Architecture

The Introduction to Quantum Computing

Saint Petersburg State University created a course to Introduce learners to quantum computing. Intermediate Level.

Go to course

Physical Basics of Quantum Computing

Much attention is paid to such phenomena as quantum entanglement, quantum parallelism, and quantum interference. It is these phenomena that underlie most of the known quantum protocols and algorithms.

Lean More

Introduction to Quantum Computing

This course from FutureLearn is a little different in format and its one a smaller platform but is very well put together with plenty of content.

Learn more

Take Charge of your Quantum Education

If you are stuck at home, use the time well to learn about what might be the next industrial revolution: Quantum Computing. With so many risks to the future of our workplaces, learning Quantum Computing could be a new career for many.