The United States Government Issues Statement on National Security Memorandum For Quantum Computing

The US president, Joe Biden, has released a memorandum stating his administration’s initiatives and policies as it touches on quantum computing. The document also highlights the steps needed to sustain Quantum Information Science or QIS while considering the risks of quantum computers to the United States’s cyber, economic and national security. The memorandum contains directives for agencies to adapt as the US switches from classical, less secure computer systems to quantum-resistant cryptography. Cryptography can utilise quantum randomness to secure systems. 

As recorded in the memorandum, quantum computing will play a significant role in advancing US technology soon. Cryptanalytically-relevant quantum computers CRQC systems capable of breaking and accessing most public-key cryptography systems used on digital systems pose a risk to the cyber, economic, and national security of the United States.  The US president and his administration have adopted the idea of migrating to quantum-resistant cryptography as a safety measure against the threat of CRQC. The document places emphasis on the role of quantum technology in the US Quantum Information Science even though the complete applications of quantum devices remain unknown. The United States will also encourage research in quantum computing by incorporating QIS education into school curricula across all levels.

The Joe Biden-led administration will utilize the economic and scientific benefits of QIS and quantum-resistant cryptography systems by fostering partnerships with state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to help them develop quantum technology and quantum-resistant cryptography. Ninety days from this memorandum’s date of release, the Secretary of Commerce, through the Director of NIST, shall set up a “Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography Project” at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence addressing the challenges of quantum-resistant cryptography. The US government is committed to securing people’s data through quantum-resistant cryptography. 

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