Rigetti Launches 32-Qubit Aspen-Series System, Its First Uk Based Quantum Computer

Rigetti UK Limited, a subsidiary of  Rigetti Computing, Inc. and a pioneer in full-stack quantum-classical computing, announced the release of its first UK-based quantum computer. Their UK partners can access the 32-qubit Aspen-series quantum computer through their cloud service Rigetti QCS™. By delivering this device,  the Rigetti-led consortium made remarkable success in commercializing quantum computing in the UK. They’re joined by Oxford Instruments, the University of Edinburgh, Phasecraft, and Standard Chartered Bank.    The UK government’s Quantum Technologies Challenge, overseen by UK Research & Innovation, has provided funds to the consortium.

Rigetti believes that by allowing cloud access to its quantum computers, its UK partners and end-users will be one step closer to realizing the full potential of quantum computing to solve real-life problems. With synthetic data encompassing all conceivable situations in a single learning session, Rigetti’s 32-qubit Aspen-series technology supports crucial financial modeling of applications like option pricing. The device will address a significant challenge in quantum technology: bridging the gap between algorithms and machines. 

Rigetti has also shared two Innovate UK awards as part of the ISCF Commercializing Quantum Technologies Challenge, advancing its efforts to commercialize quantum computing in the UK. Their collaboration with Riverlane is to tackle quantum error correction through syndrome extraction. They’re also partnering with Phasecraft and BT to create quantum software and algorithms for addressing constraint satisfaction and optimization problems. The consortium will work to enhance practical applications in finance, materials simulation, and machine learning.

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