Meet the Speakers at the next Quantum Computing Scalability Conference in Oxford, UK.

Meet The Speakers At The Next Quantum Computing Scalability Conference In Oxford, Uk.

One of the significant issues in quantum computing is hardware scalability. Research and technical problems must be addressed across all hardware platforms to satisfy the complete scalability needs. Understanding the barriers to scalability can assist us in allocating resources more efficiently.

On March 30 and 31, 2023, at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK, several well-known Quantum Computing experts across different platforms and companies will come together and host a Quantum Computing Scalability Conference. The upcoming event will bring together quantum computing hardware professionals, address current challenges and critical concerns in the sector, compare and discuss mitigating plans, and stimulate cooperation and cross-fertilization.

Here are a few of the speakers during the event:

Chris Monroe from Duke University, Chief Scientist and co-Founder of IonQ, Inc., a company that focuses on creating and commercializing the world’s first fully expressive, full-stack quantum computer based on trapped atomic ions.

Maciej Malinowski currently the Quantum architecture team lead at Oxford Ionics, Malinowski focuses primarily on creating technical roadmaps and blueprints that will lead to practical quantum computing at scale. With 5+ years of experience in quantum computing in experimental (electronics, photonics, cryogenics) and theoretical-based approaches (e.g, simulation, compilation, and programming).

Foni Raphaël Le Brun-Ricalens, is a Research Fellow, Consultant in Quantum Engineering and Experimental Quantum Physics from the University of Sussex and Universal Quantum. He aims to have scalable ion-trapping hardware for the next generation of quantum computers.

Christopher Eichler,  a Professor of Experimental Physics and Photonics Chair of Experimental Physics, from Friedrich Alexander Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg.

Martin Weides, is a Professor of Quantum Technologies at the University of Glasgow since 2018. His expertise includes the intersection of experimental solid-state physics, materials science, and electrical engineering.

Lucas Béguin is the Head of Engineering and Production chez at PASQAL, a leading company focused on neutral atoms quantum computing, expanding its presence in North America by building offices in the United States and Canada.

Alex Keesling, is the CEO of QuEra Computing; Alex is an expert in quantum computing and neutral atom quantum simulation. His achievements include the creation and coherent control of systems containing hundreds of neutral atom qubits, the demonstration of high-fidelity entangling gates with neutral atoms, the discovery of quantum many-body scars, the observation of new quantum phases of matter, and the critical dynamics associated with quantum phase transitions.

The event will also hold panel discussions that will tackle the difficulties of benchmarking and standardizing scalable quantum computing, the panelists will be composed of various professors and researchers, including Hari Krovi from Riverlane, Ivan Rungger from NPL, Ash Montaro from the University of Bristol, and Elham Kashefi of University of Edinburgh.

The conference will take place at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, UK, a historic college within the university that was one of the first to accept women. It is located near University Parks and provides a lovely setting for conversation.

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