Hyundai Collaborates With IonQ To Apply Quantum Computing In Object Detection

Hyundai Collaborates With Ionq To Apply Quantum Computing In Object Detection

Hyundai Motor Company, in collaboration with IonQ, a leading quantum company, has announced its research work targeted at advancing computational functionality in automobiles.  The project will apply quantum machine learning in 3D object identification and image classification.

Part of the work includes advancing image classification beyond road signs classification to identifying other objects on the road, such as cyclists and pedestrians. With IonQ’s technology of encoding images into quantum systems, 43 types of road signs have already been classified accurately. The project will be executed with IonQ’s Aria, the world’s most powerful quantum computer

Hyundai had previously partnered with IonQ in a project in which they applied quantum machine learning in lithium batteries for EVs as it concerns cost, performance, and safety.  

“we are excited to expand our existing relationship with Hyundai Motor to focus on another key aspect of next-generation mobility. From partnering on battery research for electric vehicles to image classification and object detection research for automated driving, we expect quantum computers to become an even more integral part in developing novel transportation solutions.”

Peter Chapman, CEO of IonQ

Quantum computers are excellent at processing extensive data, the type needed for image classification and 3D object detection, at great speed and accuracy as opposed to classical computers. Therefore, this project will be a big step forward in advancing transportation.

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About Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company is a Seoul based leading automobile manufacturing company founded in 1967 by Chung Ju-Yung. The Hyundai Motor Group comprises Hyundai, Kia corporation, and Genesis motors. Their vehicles offer more than mobility but also convenience and comfort. They aim at bringing real-life solutions to transportation problems through their innovations.

About IonQ

Founded by Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim, IonQ is a leading quantum computing company developing the world’s best quantum computer. Their latest invention, Aria, is currently the most powerful quantum computer with an impressive 20 algorithmic qubits. It operates on the ion trap technology known for large coherence time, scalability, and accuracy.