Toyota Harnesses Quantum Computers To Develop Battery Materials

Automobile manufacturer, Toyota has made a move to employ quantum computing to research new materials that can be used in developing batteries for modern electric vehicles. 

Based in the United States, QunaSys is one of the world’s leading developers of innovative algorithms in chemistry focused on accelerating the development of quantum technology applicability.

Through a collaboration with Tokyo based quantum software company, QunaSys, the duo will be working together to perform simulations that will be used to determine the properties of different materials that may be suitable for developing batteries using a technique called density-functional theory, or DFT, that models the electronic structure of a material.

The simulations, when done with traditional supercomputers using the same approach would originally take months to complete and is always difficult to perform due to lack of accuracy.

In order to lower the error rates and improve analyzing speed, the duo will be researching new methods to improve the DFT method through the use of quantum computers. The two are considering using Japan’s first commercial quantum computer, which was started up by the University of Tokyo and IBM in July.

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