QZ poll: We asked which Quantum Company voters would invest in

In another of our fun polls, in taking the zeitgeist of the quantum sector, we posed the follow question about which company is the most investment worthy out of four companies: IBM, Intel, Google and Honeywell.

With $10,000 to invest in a publicly listed company that is developing Quantum Computing Hardware. Who do you choose?


– Intel

– Google

– Honeywell

The results clearly show that the favourite company is Google with 38.7% of the vote, closely followed by IBM at 35.5%. This does not appear much of a surprise as both IBM and Google have been very visible in rolling out Quantum projects and services. IBM Q released their cloud service over 4 years. Google made the headlines in 2019 with its Quantum Supremacy. Third came Honeywell who have been vocal in sharing their latest Quantum Volume achievements at 16.1%. Finally Intel came forth with 9.7%.

So far IBM has been at the top or near the top of every poll. Only one with regard to the popular language including Qiskit, did IBM lose out to a newer language.