Quantum Computing Company D-wave offers free access for COVID-19 Research

We have numerous companies that offer services for free to help tackle the coronavirus problem. Now Canada’s Quantum Computing company named D-wave has got in on the act and opened its doors to anyone working on the COVID-19 problem.

This initiative comes in response to a request from the Canadian government for solutions to the pandemic across industries. Unfettered, free access to D-Wave’s quantum computing annealers via its Leap platform is available immediately to anyone working on COVID-19 response in the thirty-five countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

You can sign up ➡ FREE Quantum Computing Resources from D-wave.

D-Wave is pleased to announce the immediate availability of free access to our quantum systems via the Leap quantum cloud service for researchers and developers working on responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

D-Wave announcement 31st March 2020

The Leap service was reviewed just recently by us at Quantum Zeitgeist and you can read more about the service here and a basic tutorial here. So if you happen to be working on Covid (or know anyone) and think you may benefit from the power and expertise of D-wave and can run on a Quantum Computer such as D-wave, the company will actively help you.

“We’re living through an unprecedented crisis affecting nearly every industry and population”

Alan Baratz, D-Wave CEO

About D-wave

D-Wave is one of the pioneers of Quantum Computing and Quantum annealing for a number of years and its tools are used by some of the largest companies on the planet. You can read more about Quantum annealing and how is differs from gate based computing here.